Experienced executive coaches that get the right results

Looking for experienced executive coaches who can really improve the performance of your business? At t2, we provide a bespoke service centered on finely tuning the skills and talents held within your organisation.

Our executive courses and executive coaching programmes encompass the short-term and long-term aspirations of your business, as well as the personal motivations of the business owners, directors and other top-level executives.

We challenge the existing perceptions and beliefs, which you may have subconsciously developed over time, and which may be inadvertently holding your business back.

Who are we?

We are a unique blend of top-level executive coaches who all believe real change comes from within. Using the very latest thinking and techniques in executive coaching we help our clients create the change they need to establish themselves and remain as leaders within their industry, fully removing any limiting beliefs along the way.

We provide executive coaching and a range of executive courses that improve performance and productivity

Throughout all of our executive coaching and our executive courses we aim to create a uniquely challenging yet supportive atmosphere where we can really build upon existing skill sets and identify areas where support is really needed. We have vast experience of executive coaching in a range of sectors, public to private, from large multinationals to smaller private limited companies and believe that this is unrivalled in the industry.

Our goal is to provide your directors, senior executives and business leaders with the tools to enhance their strategic thinking, especially important when it comes to the leadership and overall vision of your organisation, where we utilise a range of learning principles based on the very latest thinking in executive coaching. The executive coaching and our executive courses we offer enable you to confidently challenge conventional thinking, making it possible to easily understand strategic situations from differing perspectives. .

With a breadth of international experience our executive coaches can equip your senior executives with all the tools required to achieve sustained growth and improved business performance, helping you to compete at the very highest level. Call or email us today to find out more.

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How to choose the right executive coaches for executive coaching in your business

Care must be taken when choosing executive coaches for your business. As the popularity of executive coaching continues to grow, so do the amount of inadequately trained executive coaches who fail to meet the expectations of those they are coaching. In many cases they have not understood the performance related, psychological principles on which coaching is based. Without this understanding they may go through the motions of executive coaching, or use the behaviors associated with executive coaching, such as questioning, but fail to achieve the intended results.

Use the following points as a guide to choosing the right executive coaching provider for your business.

  • Ensure the executive coaches have a proven track record of working in a business of your size; previous high-level business experience is essential to the success of executive coaching
  • Ensure your executive coaches have relevant qualifications and/or experience from a well-known executive coaching training organisation, one approach/method of Executive Coaching does not ‘fit all’
  • Ensure your executive coaches can provide testimonials from previous clients of a similar size to your organisation; executive coaching in large organisations can be very different to executive coaching in SMEs
  • Ensure your executive coaches offer a free ‘matching meeting’ with the individual undertaking executive coaching, experienced executive coaches will know if there is any interference limiting success of executive coaching immediately

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